Basic steps calisthenics for ladies

A few months ago  I saw a video on the phone of my brother, I was in awe watching this video, As i always love working out , but never came across this ,If people can be that good at what they are doing, why can I not give it a try, and if you really put your mind to it you will achieve it, and so I did some research I started implementing calisthenics into my daily exercise. I wil share  that specific video in my blog post.

I started watching many videos for guidance, well, I was actually curious to find out in detail how to do this movements, I am a beginner but I will share some tips how I started slowly the only question that crossed my mind many times , and I know it will cross your mind too was “am I too old for this?” I am in my mid 30’s and a mom of 3 and at this age many hormones changes.

The answer to that…. It is never too  late, rather be late then never…YES you can do this at any time , don’t bring any blockages or walls in your way. This words motivated me and also many videos .
I’m still in my beginning stage, but let me share how I started.
It’s really all about strength in your arms and balancing your body, you don’t need any gym equipment, you only need your body strength.

Start eating healthy.

Eating healthy is essential and more than 8 glasses of water.

I watched many videos to keep myself motivated but if that is not helping you then is I suggest you find someone that can help you  forward push you.

Its better to find some that does calisthenics training that can help you go into that direction to reach your goal.

It can be intimidating because many of the moves you cant do  that long.

Start of with a lot of cardio, jumps or jumping rope its the easiest to keep your endurances,


Start of by jumping 100-150 or 1 min straight

then I do burpees that way you can build your self up for the next step.


In order to build my strength the first exercise was basically  a pull up , you hang on , the bar and keep it their for a 10 seconds. -13 seconds for start up and then  slowly build the time up.

once you start comfortable with hang you can start hold on the top, and hold for as long as you can.

and come down slow .once you get strong enough hold then jump on a box ,hold on the bar for as long as possible.


The next exercise is dibs, you can start doing it on a bench like I did it .you can lean on a bench keep your body like a 90 degree angle leaning your hands behind your back in the front of the bench going up and down using the strength of your body on to your arms pulling you up, as you progress you can move your feet forward for a little more harder.


Another good exercise is to do a push up, the beginner push up a girls push up by bending your knees, try to drop all your weight down, your arms together more close to your body, when that becomes easy then stretch out one leg ,then the other.

Lastly we ladies like to keep our lower body intact so you can do squats, basically keep your shoulders inline with your knees and feet, make sure your shoulders don’t go over your toes and keep a 90 degree angle and make sure you keep your back straight few times.

How many times can you do this a week?

You can do this 2 -3 days out of the week for 20min

but if you want faster results you may increase your days  by 5-6 days

you can do this!!!






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