Sewing clothes at low cost

I have been doing some research of all sorts of different fabrics, my idea was to make  swimming wear for my daughter,she only 6 years old, I looked around for the good fabric ,I came across many different names of fabric, as i was unaware of  how many fabrics there is ,I have learned so much and was in awe how you  can save by making your own clothes,

I owned a sewing machine for so long but never enjoyed it this much, i used to be fixing up holes and little minor alterations,I think i got most of the time  lazy and seem to just go the easy route and get some at the clothing  shop. But in all honesty  i could never find my size,it all seem very difficult to get my size,as i am a in-between size.i would spend hours in the fitting room or seeking the appropriate shop for me.then the end of the day

I’m not happy with the garment, so decided enough!! Il try myself in the meantime i started with my daughter first.Its fun making your little doll clothes.

lets try and see how far i get.

i am a beginner i have too many flaws but i have to start somewhere right and can only get better the more i try.

so as i was saying i looked for swimming fabric and end buying other fabric as well.

i looked on you tube for ideas and google here and there.

my stitching is pretty much bad and cutting is not that great either , but i tried to make my daughter some modest swimwear.My daughter had some complains getting rashes in the sun, and she love swimming,but the rashes kept her from swimming , i looked up and the burkini worked comfortably for her.

I will post some pictures in my later post when i am completely finish with this project,

Basically ,I  bought  spandex fabric, as it great for swimming although the nylon and Lycra is even better , a bit more expensive though,this was a try out so i decided to buy the cheaper fabric.

Even if you buy little bit more expensive, it is still worth your while, and like I said I am a beginner and so I wanted to try it out.but now I will definitely buy the Lycra next time. It gets dry quicker and when it is wet, it is lighter.

I paid R40 per meter, I used 1half  meter fabric, I made her a burkini  and the tights included ,The

cost was R70.If i add my electricity and thread.

I would have paid in the shop  R150 or more.

so the answer is yes!!  making your clothes will cost you cheaper.

Today we have all information in front of our eyes, it only takes a little bit more effort , I google for patterns and you tubed, and i feel great making it.

Such a great way to start a hobby if you looking for one , this includes the men too!!



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