Im still skinny and my muscles refuse to get bigger ,why?

The answer is so obvious its is sometimes hard to believe.Put on weight.

If your muscles are going to get bigger, they have to draw on the resources of your body.If there is nothing there,they can’t develop.

Your muscles will grow quickly at the beginning of your training and will increase in size as you gain weight.As training progresses,musclecular growth will slow down an even stop.So it is important that you follow a wholesome nutritous diet.Back up your meals with a high protein supplement from a good health store.


I just can’ t seem to lose weight.

The answer lies in your diet.You must perservere in eating balanced food,bearing in mind that fat that has accumulated over many years will take time to be used up.

While exercise will speed up the process,execise on it’s own,without a proper diet will not necessarily make you lose weight.


I have been working out for several weeks but  im not getting any bigger muscles. whats happening?

The tape measure does not always tell you what is going on .When you start  muscle training , the first to go is fatty tissue,which is not all outwardly noticiable.

A few weeks of exercise will eliminate fat and build corresponding muscle,but not so significantly that the tape will show it.A tip is to refrain from using the tape for at least a month.Then the results will encourage you.


Will running or jogging hamper my muscle gains? 

Running will actualy build up your stamina without building up muscles.

Daily jogging will increase endurance.

Greater endurance will in turn help you do more repetitions.


Will strength training  increase at each  work out?

It depends on you .

Try to do one more rep at each workout .Don’t get discouraged when you battle to do even the normal count.

Keep up the protein-rich foods.The more you apply yourself, the more your muscles will grow.


Are full squats really more beneficial than half squats?

Half squats can help you handle  more weight,but you will find that the results are minimal.

We recommend full squats ,taking care not to bounce  at te bottom of the movement.

Bouncing can,over a period of time, cause damage to your knees.

It is the full  movement that produces  results,stimulating a good flow.


Is it neccesary to eat  6 times a day?

Eating frequent small meals provides a steady supply of food to build muscle.

Since the body can only  use  limited amount of protein at one time ,a large meal would be wasteful,

whereas the small meals would increase protein absortion.

Large meals will only leave you feeling uncomfortable as well as stretch stomach.


Will exercising everyday help me get results faster?

Quite the opposite !  Training muscles everyday will actually shrink them.

Muscles need rest .It is during rest periods that growth and repair take place .

We recommend three work-outs a week with rest on Tuesday, Thursday,Saturday and Sunday.