5 Popular Hiking trails in Cape town

Its never too late to start now , making a change and get out more in the open nature and explore  our beautiful city and all what it contains, you will be amazed to find out how you can enjoy the little things that did not matter to you before.

Hiking is one of the most effective  form of releasing stress and worries, and to add on you will definitely lose weight as fast as you can expected.

Hiking can be so much fun with friends and family.

Packed some picnic goodies ,you might need them for some energy.

 5 Popular hiking trails in Cape town


1.Table mountain(platteklip gorge)

Platteklip gorge is one of the most popular hiking trails.Its not  easy for first timers ,the duration is about 3 hours.There is much climbing and many rocky steps to come by,best to come with your water bottle ,sunblock,hat,and hiking shoes.Its best to do the  hike early when it is not so hot.There is very little shady place when taking a break.The cable way run across these gorge trail, if you decide not to hike down you can take the cable car but make sure you arrange the right time when the cable car is in its operating hours.



2.Lion’s head

You can bring your family and enjoy this climb, at some points there will be chains to climb ,you can do the alternative route which is a roundabout takes you a bit longer though .The duration is about 2-3 hours.Grab your camera and take few shots so it can last longer, its all worth, its not a very strenuous walk if comparing to those hikers who climb whole day.


3.Cape point nature reserve

There is a variety of trails here with many beautiful views, its breath taking sceneries can take your breath away.Theres shipwreck trails, and so many beaches to explore all in the cape point nature reserve.Bring your family and enjoy communal braai area and picnic places along the beach with tidal pools to cool off after your hikes.


4.Silvermine Elephants eye

You may start your hike once you parked your your car at the parking lot, You may start your walk on the jeep track, it is an easy walk ,you will find the rocks has a silver shimmer quite interesting and  many great views and as you  walk  along the way you will  see a waterfall running ,you will hear the beautiful sounds of nature.You will see many Fynbos and different indigenous plants that grows naturally.The distance is about 2km,for about 30 min.


5.Chapman’s peak

This is  a very easy walk, to see some beautiful views,The duration is 1-2 hours,you will need a pass  but if only going to do the hike then you can request for parking  safety and there will be no charged.You may bring your children along.


⚠️ Safety hazards!!

Do not hike alone always accompany with a large  group.


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