Its never too late to start now , making a change and get out more in the open nature and explore  our beautiful city and all what it contains, you will be amazed to find out how you can enjoy the little things that did not matter to you before. Hiking is one of the… Read More

Cape point has too much to offer for its beautiful sceneries.One visit will not be enough , it wont do any justice visiting once . Make  atleast intention to return again,Cape point is also known for its historic periods  in the 80’s and 90’s. For years people walk and hike on these grounds, but do… Read More

Trip to ROBBEN ISLAND is both tragicaly sad and inspiring , uplifting journey. The Dutchsettlers has given the Island its name ROBBEN in dRobben islandutch “seal”. They were the first to use the island as a prison. Robben island is an emotional touch for the nation. This island WAS Spotlighted when Nelson Mandela was in… Read More