Robben island

Trip to ROBBEN ISLAND is both tragicaly sad and inspiring , uplifting journey.
The Dutchsettlers has given the Island its name ROBBEN in dRobben islandutch “seal”.

They were the first to use the island as a prison.
Robben island is an emotional touch for the nation.
This island WAS Spotlighted when Nelson Mandela was in prison for over two decades.
Its Nelson Mandela who has given enduring phase as a world heritage site.
There are several historical site and landmarks to explore.

Most people visit this island because of the relationship of Nelson mandela,
but it has a long history of famous political prisoners.

TuanYusuf is the arrival of is Islaam at the Cape is an interesting story.
He became leader rebellion against dutch,he was captured and sent to ceylon
and was later exiled to capetown.Yusuf joined by other religiuos practioners saints.
These revolutionaries spead their message of salvations through the receptive
slave population at the cape leaves us with holy shrines (kramats) ,it is a reminder of the injustices
and illtreatment afforded these prisoners that kramat is to be founded on the island.

Kramats (mazaars) is holy shrines of Islam, graves marked of holy men of Muslim faith who had died,
there are many karaamats(mazaars)in
the cape peninsula area stretched to Robben island. Tuan Matarah also known as (Sayed Abdurahman Motura) was a very religious man.
there are many legends of him.He died on Robben island,upon his death he became respected shrine.


Main attraction is where Mandela were held as a prisoner.he served time behind bars before the fall of Apartheid.
27 and a half years of his imprisonment with prison authorities,he frequently wrote letters on be half of his fellow inmates protesting
against regulations disallowing books for study or complaining about the quality of the food

Another african leader makanda nxele were sentenced life in prison by the British colonial goverment after failed uprising Grahamstown in 1819.
he drowned at Table bay shores after escaping the prison.

The Island was also a used as a leper quarantine colony and animal station.

With the end of Apartheid, Robben island has become a destination for tourist.It has a museum ,
Every year thousands of visitors take the ferry from Victoria Alfred waterfront in capetown.Its open all year weather permitting.
Robben island has become a smooth running machine for tourist,grinning through a summer holiday.
An important excursion not to be missed and to be experienced by all people so we can understand the sufferings,
torture and traumatics realities of our history.

Robben island is a few kilometers away from capetown,
The boat ride to this island takes a half an hour
visiting this island is remarkable,
the boat ride itself is amazing for breath taking views.

Ferry Times and schedule and ticket prices:


Ferries run at 9:00am ,11:00am, 13:00pm and 15:00pm daily weather permitting

tickets are R230 for adults

R120for children under 18