Food for the eyes

Our health and well being depend, more than on any other factor, on the food we take in everyday

Whereas some food can be the origin of disease,others are capable of preventing or even curing our ailments.

The regular consumption can do as much for your  health as most  as medicines and other treatments.

We should take advantage of,and which ones ought and to be shunned when suffering from some of the most common deseases and maladies.

This blog will help  you know the foods endowed.

I Will try to post as many article while doing my  research and studies as I go along ,



Carrots are very useful in deseases of the retina or eye disorders and in general,skin disorders.

Carrots contain a small amount of proteins(1.03%)

Fats are almost completely absents(0.19%)

Carborhydrates make up(7.14%) of their weight.

They are rather good source of B group vitamins as well as vitamin C and E.

All minerals are present and elements including iron


Consumption of apricots maintains visions in good condition and gives the sparkle and beauty to the eyes that are characteristic of good health.

Apricots are an important source of protein(up to 5%) and also important source of iron, one of the principal minerals.

Apricot has low calories, its excellent of weight loss too.


Popeye the famous cartoon  sailor, owed his great strength to eating spinach,what an amazing vegetable and popeye was correct eating so much spinach for strength.

Diet therapy applications  have been discovered for this excellent vegetable, such as its protective properties concerning the retina and visions