Did you  ever hear the saying: “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”?  well, it’s true. According to science ,a person suffering from malnutrition should eat two to three apples daily on awakening in,followed by a glass of milk.In about  three weeks, he will start enjoying health ,glowing with radiance.The functions o your vital… Read More

No more excuses!!! lets go, do your best!!! Sometimes  we are caught up doing our daily matters, not realising in order for us to stay healthy  and always feeling well ,we should gather time  for ourselves and focus on our bodies and feeling happy and content. Walking  your dog ,taking your kids to the park … Read More

A good smoothie  healing the bones Try out this funky smoothie It will help your bones heal.All you need is find the ingredients which won’t be that difficult ,the ingredients could be at your local store or even in spice shops.       1 teaspoon  chia seed 1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds 1 stem fresh… Read More

The brain only requires two substances to function Oxygen and glucose However, many other nutrients are needed for higher such as thought, memory and self-control. The brain needs vitamin B to function healthy and the nervous system Lack of vitamin B will produce irritability and depression and nervousness and fatigue. Minerals are directly involved in… Read More

  Effects of water We know water is important but never knew about the special times one has to drink it… Did you know?? Drinking water at the right time maximize its effectiveness on the human body  one glass water after waking up helps to activate internal organs. one glass of water 30 minutes before… Read More

Our health and well being depend, more than on any other factor, on the food we take in everyday Whereas some food can be the origin of disease,others are capable of preventing or even curing our ailments. The regular consumption can do as much for your  health as most  as medicines and other treatments. We… Read More