Stress free

“Dream deep for every dream precedes a goal.”

I chatted to an old man recently who’d led an extremely full and exciting life.His intriped spirit and curious mind had seen exploring every part of the world and with all the wisdom and experiece he’d gained, I asked him what single bit of advice he’d give others on leading the best life they could.His answer? “Dont stress so much”

Simply that.Then a few weeks ago , i was fortunate enough to spend a week at the sea.It was bliss especially as i had time to indulge myself in the luxury of spending hours just staring at the ocean,mulling over the things one usually does on a year end December holiday.

Relaxed and energised after a few days, i could clearly build a refreshed vision of the life i’d like to lead .It was than that i realised just how true those words of advice were- how stress is the great thief that robs of happiness and clouds our minds, often keeping us from enjoying life’s happier moments to the full.

This issue ,then ,is dedicated to all the things calm and beautiful…meditation exercises,great short stories for holiday reading and magical party settings to turn your garden into a mellow wonderland the moment the sun slips behind the horizon.Outdoor parties with good food and great company -what a perfect way to relax and unwind.

No matter where you escape to,Your abode will be finally home, so why not make home your tranquil space to easily escape from all stress thats bugging you.

I hope you have the time and space to have fun and unravel all thoughts, recharge your batteries,stop stressing and start dreaming about what you’d like to make a reality.

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