Milk Tart

Milk tart recipe:

Crust: (basic biscuit dough)

2 and half cups of flour
1/2 pure butter
1 Cup sugar
2 teaspoon baking powder
Pinch salt
Vanilla essence

Filling: Milk
1 tin of Condensed milk
9 eggs
3 and half cups boiling water
3 pieces stick cinnamon (or sprinkle fine cinnamon on top)
3 crushed cardamon
2 Table spoon butter

Method: Biscuit dough
Form a biscuit dough, Dough should be soft not sticky,
Place dough in grease a rectangular Pyrex,
Press dough evenly, depending on how thick you want the crust to be.
Place dough in fridge until you done with filling.

Method: Milk Filling

Pour Condensed milk in a 1 litre jug,
Add 3 and half cups of boiling water
Add cardamon and stick cinnamon.
In another bowl crack 9 eggs, whisk it
When Condensed milk mixture is Luke warm add to the 9 eggs
Mix it through.
Pour the milk mixture slowly on biscuit dough using a ladel (soup spoon)
Sprinkle fine cinnamon and dot with butter
Heat oven on 160 degrees
Bake for Approximately 45 – 50 minutes, when crust is golden brown on the side and milk mixture is slightly stiff.
When it’s cooled off it will be more stiff.