How Apples can help Ailments

Did you  hear the saying: “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”?  Well , it is true.

According to science ,A person suffering from malnutrition should eat two to three apples daily on awakening in,followed by a glass of milk.In about  three weeks, he will start enjoying health ,glowing with radiance.The functions o your vital organs will improve,Your skin and muscles will tone up. your flesh will cling firmly onto your body’s framework.Wrinkles on the face and neck, loose,flabby skin hanging over the eyes will all disappear with time.You will acquire youthfulness that non apple eaters do not have.The apple is one of nature’s greatest health-giving foods.but let pause……. that was 20-40 years ago , today we might want to double it  up, because the fruits is not what used to be,I will relate to that in a another post.

Natural healers have used apples as both ,food and a medicine.Apples are still used to relieve ,skin problems and nervous disorders. There are many varieties of apples.If one variety is unpalatable for someone he can almost find another to suit his taste buds.In most countries apples are available all year around.

How apples can help cure ailments and diseases.


The apple is amongs those fruit that help cure constipation,It is a root of all maladies, to mention a few such as piles,headaches,body aches.It promotes digestion and enhances the appetite.Eat an apple or two before going to bed and on awakening

weakening memory

Signs of weakening memory are inability to remember simple names of people and things, continuous discharge of fluid from the nose post nasal drip.You should eat an apple or two, peel and all ten minutes before meals.Doing this regularly strengthen the brain and its faculties.

cracked lips

Sometimes the lips tend to crack especially in winter.Pound the seeds of an apple until it becomes a paste,apply to the lips before going to bed.By the morning,there will be a difference.


For persistent headaches of any kind,eat an apple or two each morning on awakening.Remove the peel, cut into slices,sprinkle a little salt and eat, in case of high blood pressure,avoid salt,Relief will found in three days.

Sore eyes or inflammation of the eyes

Remove and discard the peel of an apple.Mash a small piece of the flesh,place on the affected eye and tie with a bandage.Leave for an hour or two,Repeat after a few hours until relief is found.

Sore throat and inflammation  of the throat

After removing the skin of an  apple, scoop a teaspoon  of the flesh and place in the mouth.Let it make contact with the affected area a few seconds before swallowing it.Repeat a few times.Do this twice a day for two or three days.The problem should be in due course


For coughs of all type, drink a glass of pure apple juice sweetened with sugar every morning .This is a very effective treatment for this condition .As an alternative , eat a sweet apple daily for a week to ten days The condition should disappear during the course of this treatment.


Drink juice of raw apple mixed with a little salt.The vomiting should stop immediately.


Apples are good in bringing fevers down.Eat them liberally but moderately.

Poor appetite due to weak digestion

Add a pinch of cumin powder, black salt and table salt in a glass of fresh apple juice .Drink for a few days.This builds the appetite and the body will assimilate any food that is eaten.


The scientist have used apples and apple seeds successfully  in the treatment of diarrhea.Dry the seeds powder to a fine texture and take half to one teaspoon of water thrice a day.

Pregnant mothers

Expectant mothers should eat apples generously as they prevent the onset of disease related to pregnancy.They should continue eating apples,it raw apples,it could be blended with bananas.

Teething babies

Many babies become restless when they are teething.Giving them a slice or two of apple a day will soothe  them.Teething ,too,will come easy.


For any type of poisoning,20 grams of extract of apple leaves given orally every hour or two will flush out all effects of the poison from the body.

Dullness of the face

Eating apples frequently, will make the face glow with radiance after a few days.


Boil together three grams quince seeds and 180 grams o pure juice .Let the patient drink every morning.

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