Swimming fitness

Swimming fitness

Are you looking for something new to do  exercise ,or would you like to spice up your workout plan.

Get your bathing suit and make yourself  saturated with water.

There is about 100 swimming workout plans you can choose from.

All swimming workouts are not the same, there are 100 different ways you can learn , it is important to know how you set your routine and  how you choose your strokes, beginners prefer to back stroke or side stroke. The awkward part of swimming is learning the art of breathing and that is a workout on its own. Inhaling and exhaling  should be done correctly at the right time when going under water.

Swimming benefits

  • If you have some stubborn fat sitting on your body ,then get yourself wet ,because swimming is one of the most effective way to lose your weight , as a result you will lose that extra flab. Scientist have proven how to reduce obesity found in children by actually swimming.
  • Swimming can help you keep your heart rate intact and releases stress off your body.
  • It builds endurance, and enhance muscle strength and cardiovascular exercise
  • Swimming tones the muscles and build strength.
  • One of the best way of swimming is that there are absolutely no pressure on your bone and joints.
  • Swimming is effective as treat for warming up if you  already in a workout plan and it is effective after your regular exercise to cool off your body.
  • Swimming circulates more energy through  your body then you realise.
  • Research shows regular swimming slows down your age look, and can make you look younger.
  • It also uplift your mood. Think about why do  babies  gets so happy when we put them in water, same way it will change your dull mood into something awesome.




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