Growing your own potatoes

Growing potatoes


My old time favourite I started experimenting with my  daughters ,and to my surprise I grew potatoes from  patato peels without putting in too much effort.The kids  definitely loved messing in the soil.but first i dug up some information on how to grow patatoes so i could share it

I used good compost and fertilizer,watered the plant every third day ,it was about 12 weeks when I started harvesting,

Potato plants grow from healthy seed the skin of the potato are leaf buds called eyes, where shoots start to grow. The shoots grow leaves, using as food the carbohydrate stored in the potato. When this is all used up ,the plant starts to make its own food .its sends out lots of roots ,covered with tiny hairs which take up water and food the soil.

As the tiny shoots reaches the surface ,leaves unfold to catch the light. Plants make energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. Sunlight on the leaves makes chlorophyll ,the green coloring in the leaves .chlorophyll uses carbon dioxide gas from air and hydrogen gas from water to make carbohydrate. Then the seed potato rots and the plant stores the food it makes under ground in the tubers, which are the new potatoes.

A potato plant can grow up to twenty tubers. Tubers can grow up to 15 cm long and can weigh up to 1.5kg. Above ground , the potato plant forms buds and flowers. The flowers may be white, pink or purple. Insects carry pollen from flower to flower, so they are fertilized and make fruits.Potato fruits are round and green ,about the size of marbles. They  are poisonous, but they contains lots of seeds which could grow into new plants. After about twelve weeks, the potato plant stops growing and the leaves die back. The potatoes are then ready to be harvested by hand.


The tiny buds on these potatoes are eyes ,which produce the shoots.

Soil is piled around potato plants to stop sunlight reaching  the tubers, as it can turn them bitter.

Potatoes should not be eaten when they patches are substance called solanine, which is bitter and can be poisonous.

Potatoes can be served in many different ways.


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