Discover 6 best beaches in Cape town  

Discover 6 best beaches in Cape town  

If you visiting this city of Cape town, It  is  known for its beautiful sceneries and new discoveries found in different views in all angles.

There are many destinations in cape town to be explored ,

A few will be  listed, some are common places most people wouldn’t like  to miss out when our hot summer days  approaching.

Boulders Beach penguins

This is a spectacular beach for  beautiful scenery. Tourist love to come and view and educate themselves  ,the  history alone is enticing, let alone the sea views, my question is what happened  why the penguins made it their home in the south African coast , The south African penguins has inhabited this side of the beach ,it is the home land of two mainland breeding penguin colonies, they were also named as Jackass.

Its all started in 1983 when A pair of penguins was spotted on Foxy beach boulders. They came from dyer island to false bay. During this time the fishing trading was closed. breeding sites and plentiful food was meant  for African penguin population.

food was meant  for African penguin population.

However the penguins is at risk . how they came to boulders is remarkable urban colonies, they are actually listed as endangered. The south African national park try their utmost that the penguin not  become extinct.

And so they try to keep their nest it boxes, to help tem lay their eggs care free, you can see when you walk on the path way. You will see many little chicks roaming and walking across the public walks. We as humans must always remember we are coming in their habitat and to have good etiquette and conduct respecting their area.

The neighbour beach is where most people swim and relax ,it is very interesting and the water is always tranquil. Here you can relax and enjoy the field of vision ,the soft white sand dribbling between your toes. Snorkelling would also be fun.

Clifton beach

Clifton beach is situated on the Atlantic ocean and its known for its cold water., the beach always  welcome you in hot weathers. The sand is very soft and really splendid white and not as windy as most beaches, the water is turquoise and crystal clear. This  attracts more for locals because its hidden away from the wind.

It can get busy in summer but there is 4 beaches at Clifton timely named 1-4, so you can choose which one to go to.



Bloubergstrand beach

Touring capetown can get you overwhelmed with such many thing s to do and places to go ,when you make your itenary include Bloubergstrand beach, for you will see a clear picture of the most breath taking view of table mountain, make sure this is  one of your choices of beaches is to take a peak at. This is one of the best views to see Table Mountain, and if you take a drive further to Eden on bay you will have clear view of Robben Island. This  beach is usually windy, and it is well maintained and  clean. The beach has beautiful sunset and sunrise.i would love to show you pictures been taken from various angles but then that would spoil  it, you should be the one capturing that shot and appreciate it.



This beach attracts everybody, all races and all cultures, its known for its colourful houses and its famous for the market place, there is many good spots. Surfing spots ,Some would catch fish along the shore and there is  isolated spots , but  for safety its best to stay where there’s  many  people around. This beach is great for surfing and great for many sort games and sports, come along with your friends and family and have fun. You can walk your dog race with your family or just sinking in the beautiful waves. You can also go to the market stalls neatly organised by locals.Muizenburg is a long stretch so you can  see where you would like to reside for the day.Muizenburg also have a nice not strenuous trail near the railway line.

Camps bay

This beach was voted for the best beach in Africa, here is many restaurants and very friendly people, and great views and sunset. There are several playgrounds for children, the sand is super fine makes it ideal for kids to play. It is the place to be at , the beach  is central for where ever direction you would like to go. If you decide to go left or right you will a good spot you will find a spot you feel comfortable with

Noordhoek beach

Walking on this beach, with your feet in the white sand and experiencing the great views , horse riders and dog walkers passing by, This is a wonderful beach to walk on, rocks to sit on and watching the waves striking against the rocks. This is one of the longest beach in cape town, if you in a mood for a good stroll , this is the beach for you.