I have been doing some research of all sorts of different fabrics, my idea was to make  swimming wear for my daughter,she only 6 years old, I looked around for the good fabric ,I came across many different names of fabric, as i was unaware of  how many fabrics there is ,I have learned so… Read More

Its never too late to start now , making a change and get out more in the open nature and explore  our beautiful city and all what it contains, you will be amazed to find out how you can enjoy the little things that did not matter to you before. Hiking is one of the… Read More

Did you  ever hear the saying: “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”?  well, it’s true. According to science ,a person suffering from malnutrition should eat two to three apples daily on awakening in,followed by a glass of milk.In about  three weeks, he will start enjoying health ,glowing with radiance.The functions o your vital… Read More

Swimming fitness Are you looking for something new to do  exercise ,or would you like to spice up your workout plan. Get your bathing suit and make yourself  saturated with water. There is about 100 swimming workout plans you can choose from. All swimming workouts are not the same, there are 100 different ways you… Read More

A few months ago  I saw a video on the phone of my brother, I was in awe watching this video, As i always love working out , but never came across this ,If people can be that good at what they are doing, why can I not give it a try, and if you… Read More

Growing potatoes   My old time favourite I started experimenting with my  daughters ,and to my surprise I grew potatoes from  patato peels without putting in too much effort.The kids  definitely loved messing in the soil.but first i dug up some information on how to grow patatoes so i could share it I used good… Read More