Swimming fitness Are you looking for something new to do  exercise ,or would you like to spice up your workout plan. Get your bathing suit and make yourself  saturated with water. There is about 100 swimming workout plans you can choose from. All swimming workouts are not the same, there are 100 different ways you… Read More

No more excuses!!! lets go, do your best!!! Sometimes  we are caught up doing our daily matters, not realising in order for us to stay healthy  and always feeling well ,we should gather time  for ourselves and focus on our bodies and feeling happy and content. Walking  your dog ,taking your kids to the park … Read More

With your feet ,shoulder, width apart and toes forward,stand on the balls of your feet. Move your knees and hips forward, and lean as far as you can without losing your balance while you lower yourself into a squat position. Pause before returning to the start position If you thinking about lower body exercises,one of… Read More

STAR JUMPS This is a warm up exercise and you should do it before attempting more demanding exercises. In running ,  lift your feet up 5 inches and count  a step each time your left foot hits the floor. Starting with feet together and arms at your side, jump up and land with your legs… Read More