With your feet ,shoulder, width apart and toes forward,stand on the balls of your feet.

Move your knees and hips forward, and lean as far as you can without losing your balance while you lower yourself into a squat position. Pause before returning to the start position

If you thinking about lower body exercises,one of the first moves that comes to mind, is the squat its been around forever and for a good reason and its functional, we should do it in our daily lives and to have truly a good lower body. We have to do the squat correctly and we have to be strong.






How many squats should you start with?


50 squats in one day is too difficult for most beginners and even if you could do 250 squats with perfect form ,you will be training for muscular endurance rather than strength( which is what leads to the tone look).its the same reason you wouldn’t do 50 repitition of an exercise in the gym

Question :

What part of the body does squats work out?


Squats strengthen and tone the hip and thigh muscles, including the hamstrings,quadriceps and gluteuas maximus

To do squat, start with your feet shoulder widh apart and ars straight out to the front.bend at the hip and knees until your thighs are parallel wih the floor, then return to standing position


Can I loose belly fat do squats?


Squats targets your qua-drips muscles,but each repetition you perform also strengthens your glutes, calves and hamstrings, while its true that performing squats wont yield a significant caloric burn,strength training exercise can indirectly help you lose your belly fat  and fat in  other regions.


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