8 Easy steps walking into shape

No more excuses!!! lets go, do your best!!!


Sometimes  we are caught up doing our daily matters, not realising in order for us to stay healthy  and always feeling well ,we should gather time  for ourselves and focus on our bodies and feeling happy and content. Walking  your dog ,taking your kids to the park  or even just walking to the bus station can do wonders.

Do you feel  motivated  after reading  the best work-out plan or article  or weighless program or diets from the internet or in a magazine ? but no progress happens,many  times we procrastinate leaving matters for the next day and while we reading, we add on more weight by  nibbling some more. Disciplining our self is  foremost important.

It is the key to our goals, our  mind plays good toll on us, the brain  control your body ,,,once you give yourself that extra push it will all be easy, I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park, exercise takes time and a large number  of  days. but it will get better

You will have to trade in your  most precious comfort bed ,for the first couple of  weeks but you will be surprised how much your body  could handle when you keep going, Most cases its  our mind and ego.

when we set our mind in one direction, we will succeed and take the first step out of the door, Our basic exercise is mind training .

8 walking   Easy steps to improve yourself



1.Set yourself a goal and work towards getting yourself into shape.

2.Push yourself little bit extra than the previous day

3 Consistency is the key to your door never  give up, keep going.

4.Breathing is  important that not only does the lungs releases carbon dioxide and removes the waste but it also      provide energy to your brain, the  circulation also speed up to take oxygen so that you can move

5.Speed up your walking distances when you have reached your goal.

6.Ask Friends and family to join to make it more fun and take walks along the beach or even hiking is great way         to release endorphins. Change now then different routes.

7.Eat healthy

Believe me or not exercise is the easiest task,We consume 70% and good source food will get you closer reaching your goals ,so try your utmost   and better yet  eat healthy ,stock up on some good vegetables and fruit.


Our body needs water and water can also help you loose  unhealthy weight.

water will speed up the process {water article}