One of Cape town best gardens to relax

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.


If you love nature and the landscape of this beautiful City , then  Kirstenbosch is one the places you should visit .

It is a huge garden and has a beautiful atmosphere and environment, you can relax and have a picnic with your kids, or with your partner it will bring out the best of you with a touch of romance. The plant life is extraordinary  here, you will learn quite a bit from just walking and observing

Education becomes incumbent if you quite loving and adore these plants if you a gardener, each plant will have its name and description and history on  boards, Quite interesting , few months ago my daughter had a project on plant life , and she needed to write an article on a few plants here, and we transformed that project  into day of fun.

She learned so much and took notes ,the day was educational and she completed  her task by taking also a few pictures and interviewed one chap who help and keep the garden maintained .


More than 2000 indigenous plants all different species reside here.

This place has got abundance to offer , it even have hiking trails and   usually  have events that’s taking place at a out door concert

Those who are interested coming for the events  can check out what’s playing next on webtickets.co.za

Tips coming for the event:

  • Make sure you come as early as possible ,some people do complain about parking though
  • Events happens mostly in summer

Make sure you buy your ticket before the event take place

  • Hiking trail
  • This trail is an easy walk depends on your limit and could be done in an hour there’s lots of steps  at some point but it is manageable not strenuous.

Entry fee

To find out the entry fee check out this link for more information: