Star Jumps


This is a warm up exercise and you should do it before attempting more demanding exercises.

In running ,  lift your feet up 5 inches and count  a step each time your left foot hits the floor.

Starting with feet together and arms at your side, jump up and land with your legs open , arms out sideways and just above shoulder height.

Jump up again and land in the starting position.

Do this exercise for 2 minutes.

As you progress in weeks , increase your running speed, try to raise your knees higher. By the end of the fourth  month  you will be lifting your knees above your waist

For a beginners:

A star jumping is a great exercise,

It tones your legs and your backside and get the heart rate up and burn fat very fast

All you need to do is find a open space and yourself…

If you start out as a beginner I would recommend you to start with 10 repitition

Take a break for a minute ,repeat jumping, take a break for another minute repeat jumping again.

3 sets of 10 and mini breaks in between.

Check out these few site,it will help you with more instruction and details
















How many calories does Star Jumps burn?



For example a person weighing  150 pounds  will burn 270 calories in 30 minute of star jumps

When its  done vigorously intensity.

This means they’ll burn about  9.1 calories per minute.

A 200 pounds person will burn about 366 calories in 30 minutes when jumping  at a vigorously intensity.


What  does Star Jumps do for your body?



All your muscle groups are engaged at once…. Even your abdominal muscle get a workout

It creates flexibility and tone, while star jumps may not result in body builder legs, they do enhance both flexibility and tone.

Star jumps work the calves ,glutes ,detloids,lats and gracilis muscles