Marvelous Mint

Mint is often seen as the delinquent in the food garden over other plants,Slurping up their food and water interbreeding and other plants.This behavior surely needs to be contained.It is  advised to start plant in a pot and keep it clipped.But if you free spirited food gardener, here are other ways to make the most of mint.


Did you know that most mint varieties have the most beautiful flower that attracts butterflies and bees that’s will pollinate your vegetables and fruit.

As a companion plant for broccoli ,Brussels sprouts,cabbage,cauliflower,squashes and tomatoes,mint repels ants maggots,flea beetles  and potatoes beetles

Keep on cutting mint that is planted in the garden.This forces it to bush and reduces its spread.it is feature plant in the food garden or flower garden.

If you like the wild look then set aide a dedicated area for mint  to provide a fragrant haven for beneficial insects or use the cut mint to flavor iced water,salads desserts and sauces,fruit drinks

Heres a list of mint I have searched :

Apple mint

Basil mint

Chocolate mint

Garden mint

Ginger mint

Julep mint

Pineapple mint

Spear mint.